Teen Fitness' First Contest - Winner receives $20 Amazon gift card !

Unfortunately I haven't updated the blog in quite some time and I do apologize for that.

I can see that I've lost quite a few visitors in the process too.

So call this a bribe, call it whatever you want, but I wanted to come up with a way to get YOU back and that is why...

TFB is Giving Away a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

Weight loss can be a very popular topic and usually when somebody wants to lose weight, they want to lose it as soon as possible. A lot of the time, their goals aren't very realistic either. I want to find out the best proven workout plan to help people lose 10 Lbs over 2 weeks.

How it works:

1. Email me your best 2 Week Plan with 4-5 sessions per week. Send them to: teenfitness993@gmail.com.

2. On 6/1/2013, I will review all submissions to my email and select a Winner.

3. The Winning Plan will be posted here will be selected along with the Winner's name and Bodybuilding.com Forums alias (if applicable). I will also mention the Winner on my thread at the Bodybuilding.com Forum.

4. $20 Amazon Gift Card will be emailed to the Winner within 24 hours! This can be redeemed online.


Honestly, if you submit your workout plan, you already have a good chance to win because the entire purpose of this contest is to re-establish the blog and let people know that there are plans to make it a source of valuable fitness information (and not just for teens). Since right now traffic is piss poor, you probably won't have much competition so just give it a shot and your chances of winning will be better than the next online contest.

There is just ONE RULE

Submit your OWN routine (NO copy/paste from somewhere else). Sorry, I know how to use Copyscape.

Send your 2 Week Plan to: teenfitness993@gmail.com


Once again, the Winner will be announced on 6/1/2013


Good luck!

Five-minute Adrenaline Workout

Manage your adrenaline balance with the 5-min workouts as described in this article!

If you have not time and locality at the time of you lunch break then you can carry out these simple adrenaline workouts at the local gym.

That's because of involving in super tiring exercise causes the similar kind of stress. Here is a quick workout plan to confront your system in any case of your fitness level.

Carry out these workouts two times in one moment, moving right away from one move to the next one. Take rest 30 to 60 sec among workouts.

1. Squat Jump

Stand straight having distance between legs the same as hip width, take both hands at the back your head.

Bend down around 45 degrees, and then at once, fly up as higher as you can.

Turn your knees the same as you are going to sit on chair. At once, take back pose.

Good to have 6 reps.

2. Dumbbell Swing

Hold a 3 to 5 Kg weight with your hands and stand straight having distance between legs the same as hip width.

Lift your arms straightly out facing your upper body.

Simultaneously bend down and bring the both hands holding dumbbell among your legs.

Do not bend your arms, push back your hands to standing whilst moving the arms at the level of chest height.

Carry on as fast as you can for 15 repetitions.

3. Decline Push-up

Take you whole body into chest push-up pose, taking our feet on 30 to 45 centimeter high step, having your both arm straight having distance between arms the same as shoulder width and take you whole body straight from head to feet.

Put your feet on the step.

Gradually bring your whole body straightly near the floor until you're only 5 centimeters away from ground.

Push back to take previous pose.

Good to have 10 reps.

4. Inverted Row

Hold a barbell and take position as it at hip altitude on a rack.

Hang up with the bar having your hands a little wider as much as your shoulder width is and also extend your legs.

Put your whole body straightly to the bar with your hands.

Slowly take back to your previous pose and carry out 12 reps.